Censoring an Iranian Love Story

By Shahriar Mondanipour

This was hands down the best piece of metafiction I’ve ever read. Not only do you get into the head of the author, but the characters he creates are also complex and interesting. On top of that he tackles the problems of writing in Iran currently, in an interesting and witty manner. There’s a censorship character, Porfiry Petrovich[yeap, Dostoyevsky’s], and we see the narrator anticipating what Petrovich would cross out, as he himself crosses sections and words out. The basic plot is the author trying to publish a love story in Iran, and it includes an interior love story. Throughout the second half of the novel though things begin to get twisted with some magical realism, and the characters developing their own wills. This book was also a lovely reminder of how important intellectual freedom is.

I greatly enjoyed this piece for its aesthetics, plot, and eye-opening commentary on life and writing in Iran.

I recommend this book to everyone.

Nibble: “Imagine you live in a country where you are not even free to be insane.”

My Rating: 10 out of 10 apples without flesh or seed.