Sex for One

Written by Betty Dodson

Peel: A book focused on taking the shame out of masturbation.

One of Dodson’s fantasies is that everyone will be joyfully masturbating on New Years Eve for world peace. So the book may come across as a bit dated in how sex positive times are now. However sex positivity doesn’t necessarily include masturbation positivity. Dodson combats ideas such as ‘well masturbation’s fine and all, but it’s no substitution for the real thing‘. Dodson includes some of her own nude drawings, which were okay; the most interesting were of sixteen very different looking vulvas. Dodson’s writing tends on the autobiographical side, and is rather humorous. This is not primarily a how-to orgasm or masturbate better book. This is more of a why not masturbate, and how to feel comfortable, instead of guilty, doing so. The book also focuses on sexual fulfillment without relying on your partner and how masturbation is the safest sex.

As a warning, Dodson does tend to write in a cis-normative way.

Nibble: “When I was with a lover, I avoided heavy breathing, barely moved my body, and never broke out in a sweat. In order to have “ladylike orgasms,” I always held back because, basically, I was embarrassed about sex.”

I would recommend this to anyone who is not masturbation positive.

My Rating: 8 out of 10 polished red apples

I borrowed a paper copy from the CSPH library.

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