This blog is currently on hiatus. It may return later, it may not. Though reviews won’t be posted, I will update the challenges to reflect books I’m reading. That’s all folks.


Top 5 Reads of 2011

So I’ve decided to do a cute little top five list, because really- who doesn’t like lists? This is a super subjective list as it’s my personal favorites that I reviewed rather than everything I read this year. Possibilities are from the clickable books on this list.

5. What Would Satan Do? by Anthony Miller

4. Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

3. Small Magic: Collected Flash Fiction by Aaron Polson

2. Alien Contact edited by Marty Halpern

1. Censoring an Iranian Love Story by Shahriar Mandanipour

{titles link to my review of the book}


What were your favorite reads of 2011? Or if you’ve already made a ‘top x’ post, link below!

I am a… Reading Challenge Addict

Or becoming one anyways. I’ll be entering the Reading Challenge Addict meta-challenge. I’m attempting the Easy as Pie level with 1-5 entered and completed challenges. The highest level is Out of this World with 16 or more challenges completed, but I’d be quite happy with just finishing the four, *ahem* five now, that I’ve entered.

A list, and progress, of the challenges I’ve entered is here.

Polishing the Apple

So this is for my basic thoughts/reviews on literature. That’s all it’s trying to be at the moment anyways. I’m trying not to include any major spoilers, although relatively insignificant ones may occur. Feel free to comment for book recommendations, or anything else.

p.s. there’s a magical ‘about me’ page that isn’t showing up on the sidebar for some reason

*Edit* Everything is now apparent on the sidebar, woo-hoo!