Why Is Sex Fun?

Written by Jared Diamond

Peel: A book looking into how human sex differs so much from other animals, and how it may have evolved to get there.

Diamond looks at many oddities of human nature when trying to answer his grand question- why is sex fun? Some things he examines are: lack of lactation in males, menopause, concealed ovulation, and how humans tend to have sex in private. Diamond’s writing style is rather witty and easy to read. This book only contains theoretical answers to the questions it poses, which makes it far more interesting to ponder.

As a note Diamond is just examining heterosexual sex. Also, interestingly Diamond does not touch on any sensual or emotional aspects of why sex might be fun. This is a smaller book, so he doesn’t go deep into any supporting information.

Nibble: “Men have no reliable means of detecting when their partners can be fertilized, nor did women in traditional societies.”

I would recommend this as a quick and fun popular science book.

My Rating: 9 out of 10 hidden green apples

I borrowed a paper copy from the CSPH library.

Get the book from Amazon


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