My Memories of a Future Life

Written by Roz Morris

Peel: Our first person protagonist, Carol, has devoted her life to playing piano. Her obsession and sense of self are seriously shaken when her hands are injured to the point where she can’t play without feeling pain, and no doctor she sees can help her. Carol turns to hypnosis and discovers a future life- but is it real or imaginary?

Morris weaves an intriguing web between her cast of characters, and when the suspense picks up the book is hard to put down. Her characters, even minor ones, were rather realistic. The chapters were pretty short, and the book is broken up into four parts; I found it best to read in the parts. There’s a lovely twist towards the end that comes completely out of the blue. Between all of Morris’s detail and craftiness, the book would certainly hold up to multiple reads. For the second read, I’d suggest listening to the songs mentioned in the novel, and those not.

Since the book was rather detail heavy, I found it easy to get bogged down in them, especially in the first portion. The story also builds up rather slowly, and I didn’t care much about the narrator until page sixty or so. As a small note, the ending chapter does wrap up and clear up the story rather nicely, though I liked the murky potential ending by stopping after chapter seventy-eight. All in all, a fantastic and intriguing heavy read.

Nibble: “I wasn’t born gifted. It’s how I’ve cheated with the unsatisfactory clay I’m made from.”

I would recommend this to anyone wanting a weekend thought-producing read.

My Rating: 8 out of 10 soothing spiced apples

I received a free paper copy from the author.

Roz Morris’s Site

Get the book on Amazon


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