Lady Seductress’s Ball

Written by Eliza Knight

Peel: Olivia is unfortunately married to the aged Earl of March who she neither loves nor cares for. She dreams of another, Tristan, but she doesn’t want to do much while Lord March lives.

There is plot with this erotica, but it’s pretty well balanced. The erotica is rather steamy from an evening in a gazebo to an enticing masquerade.

Most of the language is true the Regency setting, but there are a few places where a modern phrase jumped out. My only problem with having serious romance in this story was that all we knew about Tristan was he was attractive, got around, and was allegedly in love with Olivia. The whole story was about Olivia, which is fine, but contributed to their relationship seeming only lust based. Perhaps if this had been the length of a novella, rather than a short story, the romance would have felt more authentic and less lust-confused-for-love. So in conclusion, lovely erotica, fine plot, heavy romance that could have used more space.

Nibble: “Waving that delicate fan would never calm the fire building between the two of them.”

I would recommend this to any erotica lover.

My Rating: 7 out of 10 scarlet steamed apples

I received an electronic copy from the publisher, Carina Press, via NetGalley.

Eliza Knight’s Site

Get the Kindle version on Amazon


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