Memoirs of an Antihero

Written by Drew Blank

Peel: The book opens up with the protagonist’s, Drew’s, daughter being diagnosed with a terminal disease. With hospital bills piling up Drew is searching for money outside Chicago, and all he’s coming up with is criminal money. After a lucky first vigilante act gets him some money, Drew decides to go into the business of fighting crime.

This book was like a comic book without the pictures. The protagonist was nicely humanized and distanced from the typical superhero as Drew wasn’t invincible, and could easily get injured. The action scenes were very fast paced and amusing to follow, and there was quite a bit of violence. All of the characters were rather likable, and easy to root for. The main character’s name Drew A. Blank certainly made me curious as to how close the character was to the author.

The beginning of this book is a major information dump with the plot inching forwards, which significantly slowed me down, and most descriptions felt like miniature information dumps. Later there are great action scenes, but the information could have been less clumped up. Unfortunately for most of the book all I could think about was how much it would benefit from being a comic book rather than just text. A few too many of the conversations between characters came across as fluffy- with no point beyond being cute. All in all, I liked the premise of this book but I would have preferred it as a graphic novel, or with less/shorter slow scenes.

Nibble: “I had not come across many old people in my limited travels, but the ones I had met always had a very glossy stare, as if death was standing right before them and his opaque shroud was muting any sign of life from their gaze.”

I would recommend this as a graphic novel without the comics.

My Rating: 3 out of 10 super red apples

I received a free electronic copy of this book from the author via LibraryThing.

Drew Blank’s Site

Get the Kindle version for 99 cents on Amazon


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