A Merman’s Kiss

By Laura Lond

This is a rather short and sweet read about two plain sisters who wish to be wed and gain social status. One sister Leatra is much more adamant about going about this by any means, whereas Ellie is very timid. I liked that the story took on more of a pragmatic tone than romantic{the story is far less romantic than the title suggests}. Both sisters are very plain looking, which made them nice to read about, and they seem off the bat more realistic. Unfortunately the two sisters personalities aren’t flushed out so well, and they come off as flat. On top of that they read very obviously as bad versus good. I would have liked to see both characters less extreme, so that it would be harder to establish who was ‘right’ or entitled to do certain things. Ellie stuck me as the type of character to be content in settling for anything, which made it hard for me to care about her. The side characters were actually more interesting and complex than the sisters. Overall, I liked the idea of the plot. The message behind the story is nice as well, even if not shown in the best light. It also reads rather quickly, in one sitting, and I didn’t find myself bored. Once the story climaxes and a few things are explained, there’s a three year break and then you see the outcome of everything for Ellie. I found this rather dissatisfying as those three years may have shown a more interesting side of Ellie, and developed her further. There’s also no followup on how things ended up with Leatra, and if she changes at all.

I would recommend this story as a fall afternoon read on the porch.

Nibble: “Leatra was so tired of maybes not coming true.”

My Rating: 4 out of 10 plain red apples

I received a free electronic copy of this book from the author via LibraryThing.


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