What Would Satan Do?

By Anthony Miller

This book had me chuckling from the beginning to end. I was actually a little skeptical after reading the summary and first fifty pages, as I expected the book to slow down and become monotonous. Happily it doesn’t though, and the story is just packed with humor and creativity. The plot is that Satan has decided against playing his role in Hell, as he knows on Judgement Day he’ll lose. So he goes to Earth as a human with some of his powers, and attempts to stop Judgement Day from ever happening. In the beginning of the book we see him teaching a religion class, which is interesting to say the least. Between the action and the variety of characters, the book is quickly paced, and certainly didn’t feel like an almost four hundred page book. Miller also ends the huge adventure in an interesting and cute way, that surprisingly works well for an Apocalypse story. The story has more than mere humor though, as some social commentary certainly adds something to think about while reading. What I really liked about this book though, was it seemed like Miller had a ton of fun writing it.

As a note, there is a bit of crude language in this book; but I found Miller handled it pretty well, and it came off as natural for the character to be using it.

Nibble: “It’s more like an enraged bull- an enraged bull who’s been poked, prodded, and generally tormented by a matador, and then fed amphetamines and stuffed into a small box.”

I would recommend this book to anyone wanting an amusing break from reality.

My Rating: 8 out of 10 fiery red apples

I received a free electronic copy of this book from the author via LibraryThing.


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  1. If $.99 won’t work for you, e-mail me at satan [at] robotsandlava.com and I’ll hook you up with an e-book in your preferred format. I’m way more interested in readers than $$. Thanks for the interest and for the thoughtful review. – Anthony Miller

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